From latest and greatest to yesterday’s news in a New York minute. That’s pretty much been the standard cycle in the technology industry for the past few decades. As such, new companies constantly emerge, with some of them growing into true powerhouses and others ceasing to operate.

Having the right leaders and managers in place can make the difference between success and failure in this continually growing, yet volatile, industry. What’s needed are leaders who have the agility to handle constantly evolving business models from online digital markets to on-demand services to outsourcing to offshoring and more.

Intercontinental Executive Search can help your technology company find executives who can successfully anticipate, manage and lead business change. We focus on the most dynamic areas of the market and we are recognized as one of the leading executive search firms. As specialists in profiling, selecting and recruiting highly skilled senior executives, we’ve helped companies find and retain talent in the United States, Europe and a variety of Latin American countries.

Our Technology Practice has considerable experience, having hundreds of search assignments for IT Outsourcing, Software, Hardware, IT Consumer Goods, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, and Telecommunications clients.  In fact, we’ve successfully helped a variety of technology companies identify and hire for a variety of roles including: CIO, VP of Engineering Software, Digital Marketing Director, IT Cybersecurity, Developing and Programing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

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