Succession Planning

Companies need to drive strategy through continuity and must reduce and mitigate risk by executing a dynamic succession plan that facilitates a smooth  transition for CEO and C-suite roles. We coordinate a succession strategy which overlaps with benefits from assessment of internal talent, benchmarking of external talent and the culture goals of the organization.

Our team of experts is there to ensure a smooth transition, Identify high potential individuals and create succession plans.

Succession planning is the development of high potentials to take over the current leadership when their time comes to exit their positions. Succession planning requires a sharp focus on organization’s future and vision in order to align leadership development with the future the firm aspires to create. For such a plan to occur, a screening of future leadership should be based not only on what organizations know they have but also on what they aspire to become.

Our leadership succession program include three dimensions :

  • skills and knowledge,
  • role perception and degree of acceptance of leading role and,
  • self-efficacy.

In the Succession Planning process, we involve current leadership team representing the vision as well as HR executives.

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